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Marie Hejtmancik de Valenzuela

Occupational Health and Safety CEO, Marie Hejtmancik de Valenzuela, was born in Germany and was raised on a dairy farm. She completed all of her initial studies in Europe, going to a specialized school for business.

Marie was accepted in to Notre Dame where she started her studies at the Sister School of Marian College. There she studied Business Hospital administration & Nursing.

Marie came to Houston and started her career as the outpatient director of the VA hospital. She moved on to become the Vice President of a physical therapy company that was bought out by Health South. She then spent the balance of her career working together with physicians in occupational medicine. She continued to study and became one of the first Certified Insurance Specialist in the State of Texas. She attended Texas A&M and took courses in Occupational Health and Safety.

Marie is a certified case manager, as well as an independent work comp adjuster. Marie has also served as the Medical Director for the largest Safety Council in the world. Her reputation and her passion for case management has allowed her to create a company that is built around the well-being and safety of her clients and their employees. It was through her case management experience that she realize that there was a need for qualified medical personnel as well as safety personnel.

Marie speaks five languages and is passionate about helping others.  She has over 20 years experience in the occupational health market and has enjoyed providing help to her clients by giving them value. Like she says, that is the HV Way.

HV Occupational Health and Safety is your business’ key partner in providing OSHA compliant employee safety training and global case management. Should the unthinkable happen, our staff is ready with top of the line care in tele-medicine for your employees by aiming to reach zero record-ability with little downtime for your business.

HV Occupational Health and Safety – Our Mission

HV Occupational Health Advisors offers lifesaving workplace safety consultation, helping you prevent the worst by preparing you with the best. Our goal is to help you create a safe, successful work environment that fosters confidence in your employees. Furthermore, we wish to grow with your business to truly understand your case, so that we can deliver exceptional service—every time.

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