HV Occupational Health and Safety

HV Occupational Health and Safety is a double
minority, female owned company.

Reducing Recordables and Employer Modification Rates

Our Mission

Health & Safety
is our focus

At HV Occupational Health and Safety, we are dedicated to saving lives and creating thriving work environments. As a double minority-owned company, we bring a unique perspective to workplace safety, offering exceptional services that prepare businesses for the best outcomes. Our mission is to empower employees with confidence, providing tailored solutions and expert knowledge to foster a culture of safety and success. Together, we aim to build a safer future, one workplace at a time.

Here to Protect Your Team

Empowering employees with swift and exceptional care after a workplace injury, our team also collaborates closely with employers to minimize the experience modification rate and reduce downtime.

Backed by our multilingual experts, we offer round-the-clock, 365-day occupational global case management services, along with onsite training, medics, medical oversight, and specialized protocols for land-based remote work sites.


Emergency Services

Dedicated medical staff and direction for on-site workforce, real-time case management, and consistency in care to achieve peace of mind to both injured employees and company.


Our goal is to help create a safe, thriving work environment that fosters confidence in your employees and gives you Peace of Mind.

Here to Protect Your Team


HV Health and Safety has board certified medical directors in all 50 states as well as Canada and a support team specialized in occupational medicine.


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