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About the Founder

Marie H. Valenzuela

CEO and Founder

Occupational Health and Safety President, Marie H. de Valenzuela, was born in Germany and was raised on a dairy farm. She completed all her initial studies in Europe, going to one of the most distinguished school for business in Munich Germany.

Marie continued her studies in the United States, focusing on Hospital Administration and Health Care.

Marie came to Houston and started her career as the outpatient director of the VA hospital. She moved on to become the Vice President, after 16 months of employment, of a physical therapy company that was bought out by Health South. She then spent the balance of her career working together with physicians in occupational medicine. She attended Texas A&M and took courses in Occupational Health and Safety.

Marie is a certified case manager, as well as an independent work comp adjuster. Marie has also served as the Medical Director for the largest Safety Council in the world. Her reputation and her passion for case management has allowed her to create a company that is built around the well-being and safety of her clients and their employees. It was through her case management experience that she realized that there was a need for qualified medical personnel as well as safety personnel that are well versed in occupational medicine in remote areas of construction, mining, infrastructure, oil & gas, platforms etc.

Marie speaks multiple languages and is passionate about helping others. She has over 20 years’ experience in occupational health and has enjoyed providing value to her clients, by helping them reduce recordability and ensuring best safety practices. This is part of giving HV clients and their workforce “peace of mind” that keeps her going. Always looking for new innovative ways to improve services and keep up with the latest technology and laws regarding Occupational Medicine and Safety. Like she says, that is the HV Way.

She enjoys providing knowledge and guidance to her team, that she is proud to say understands the OSHA rules and regulations. The HV team is continuing to receive training consistently to keep their skillset above standard. She loves her team, the medical colleagues as well as safety colleagues she works with to work towards solutions. It is the part of work she loves the most, the areas that others have failed, and she can highlight the HV strengths.

When she is not working, which is hardly ever, she enjoys spending time with her beautiful two children Elizabeth and Nathanael H. de Valenzuela as well as her fur babies. You can also find her hitting the slopes and skiing or swimming/diving. Marie is a woman of faith and gives all glory to God.

Marie invites you to give her team or her a call so that you can be part of the growing HV client group.

HV Occupational Health and Safety is your business’ key partner in providing OSHA compliant employee safety training, global case management and medical or safety personal on the ground. Should the unthinkable happen, our staff is ready with top-of-the-line care and a network of tele-medicine providers for your employees by aiming to reach zero recordability with little/no downtime for your business.

Brittany Lazarus

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant at HV Health and Safety, Brittany has been a vibrant and indispensable member of our team for the past four years. Her presence fills our office with energy and color, and she brings with her a formidable 14 years of experience in occupational medicine. Brittany's deep knowledge and passion for her work ensure that she is not just assisting but also enhancing our mission at every turn. We are fortunate to benefit from her expertise and the lively spirit she brings to our daily operations.                        


HR Coordinator

Elodia, our esteemed HR Coordinator, is a proud graduate of the University of Houston Clear Lake, where she earned her Bachelor's in Business Management with a concentration in HR in May of 2022. Since joining HV Health and Safety, Elodia has seamlessly integrated her academic knowledge with a genuine warmth and friendliness that sets the tone in our office environment. In addition to her administrative support to our team, she collaborates closely with our amazing HR team, ensuring that we consistently have the best hands on deck. Elodia's approachability and expertise make her a cornerstone of our company's growth and culture.

Jervon Young

Director Of Accounting

Jervon Young brings to the table over 25 years of seasoned expertise in the accounting realm. A proud alumnus of Jackson State University, she went on to further her academic pursuits, securing a masters from Prairie View A&M University. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jervon possesses a zest for life, manifested in her passions for fitness, travel, and cherishing moments with loved ones.

Inspired daily by the words of Tabitha Brown, she firmly believes, " Have an AMAZING day... but even if you can't have a good one.. don't you DARE go messing up nobody else's! "

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Our goal is to help create a safe, thriving work environment that fosters confidence in your employees and gives you Peace of Mind.


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