iOS Devices

iOS Device Set Up

iPhone and iPads

Step 1. Get your IOS Account

 HR will send your Apple login credentials this will be your managed iCloud for all company devices. This account allows us to remotely dispatch apps and settings to your iPhone to make them compliant with IT and HIPPA policies.

Always remember, IT will never ask you for your pin or password, if any such event occurs, please contact to report an intruder. 

Step 2. Unbox the Device

IT will ship your iPhone and/or iPad in a box containing a case, the device, and chargers. Please ensure all components are included and in working condition. If you notice any damages immediately contact IT with pictures and details. Please put the case on the device and allow the device to charge fully before moving to the next steps. 

Step 2. Setting up

Hold the power button and run through the steps. This is a managed device so it will look a little different than your usual iPhone set up. 

  1. Choose ideal font size for your comfort
  2. Choose to set up without another device (do not set up with your personal)
  3. Allow the device to activate, if set up with Wi-Fi is not working, choose to set up without Wi-Fi to use the device’s cellular service to gain internet access. 
  4. Choose to set up for yourself
  5. Set up FaceID by following instructions and make your own passcode (remember this! IT is not able to reset this passcode without resetting the whole device)
  6. Choose to not transfer anything
  7. Sign in with your apple account as provided earlier. You will be prompted to change your password and you may do so but please write this down somewhere secure
  8. Allow our servers to communicate with your device and it will begin downloading admin selected applications and start installing settings that you will need. 

About your Device

Your device is a managed device which means applications and certain settings will be restricted. Your sensitive information will stay on the device unless you provide us access to the device. 

all iPhones are given hotspot privileges so you may move about the site and still stay connected. The procedures are as follows:

  1.  Go to your settings app
  2. Confirm cellular data is on 
  3. click personal hotspot 
  4. Toggle “Allow others to join”
  5. Enter a password
  6. now your phone will broadcast its own Wi-Fi Network

If you notice an application, you need is not downloaded, there may be an error with the server, or we ran out of application licenses and will have to buy more. Please restart the device and wait for the servers to attempt the download. If this does not fix the issue, please contact IT at our helpdesk.

Check out the business essentials app to see the non essential yet helpful applications you may download. 

For help with these applications, please contact their respective departments.

Connect Teams: Elizabeth Stokely, Training and Education

Paychex: Taliah Willams, HR

for further questions or concerns please contact IT.