Laptop Setup

Windows Devices

Step 1. Get your Microsoft Account Information

HR will send you your Microsoft login credentials. This will be vital in all aspects of your new job. We use Microsoft services in email, teams (for communications), applications and to login to your devices. Once you log in for the first time, Microsoft will ask you to update the password and to fill in more information such as contact information. IT will never ask you for your Microsoft password, if anyone asks, please contact IT with details. 


Step 2. Unbox the Device

Laptops will be shipped with its charger and foam padding. Please do not discard of the packing material as you may need to send it back at one point. Check for any damages that may have occurred from delivery. If there are damages, please contact IT with pictures and details. Allow the battery to fully charge. 

Step 2. Setting up

Turn the device on and allow it to load windows. 

  1. Follow the On screen instructions. These instructions will look different from device to device but generally, Choose English, set time zone if applicable, You may choose to enable Cortana and/or  send data to Microsoft to your discretion.
  2. Follow instructions till you reach Wi-Fi Screen. Please connect it to an available network in your office.
    1. If this network is not letting you connect, It is because there is a firewall or virtual gate (one where you would accept agreements on a browser). You cannot access this gate without fully loading a browser so please hotspot your company phone
  3. Login with your company Microsoft account and let it initialize. 
  4. It will ask you to create a new Microsoft account password and a regular login password for your device please write these down in a safe place. 
  5. Enjoy your new laptop!

About your Device

Your device is a managed device which means applications and certain settings will be restricted. Your sensitive information will stay on the device unless you provide us access to the device. 

All laptops are preloaded with needed software. These are Chrome, Splashtop, Microsoft Productivity Applications (Word, power-point etc..) and Communication applications such as Teams and outlook. New hires in administrative posts will need special software such as webex and drivers for printers and such which will be preloaded as well. 

If you notice an application, you need is not downloaded please contact IT.